About Acupuncture Massage Amsterdam

I’ve studied in different schools in The Netherlands since 2009, including the International Oriental College, Academie Qing Bai, Academie Bo-Yi and Shenzhou Open University for TCM.

I’m originally from the northeast of Mexico. I came to the Netherlands in 2005 to study guitar and singing at the conservatory. At the same time, I began practicing Hatha Yoga, first for the fun of it, later as a daily ritual that helped me to focus in daily life and to move through my days with more ease.

After a couple years of Yoga, I became more and more motivated by a very simple fact about the body that had become evident to me through time: we learn about the body through movement, we learn about physical and mental tensions by becoming aware of them and letting go of them, and we can only succeed if we stay calm.

Easier said than done… Fascinated by this simple thought, I began my journey to discover what health was: besides Yoga, I studied Taiji (Tai-Chi), Qigong (Chi-Kung), dance and meditation, and also learned the value of a balanced vegan organic diet for supporting my lifestyle.

Eventually, it was the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine that stuck with me.

Chinese Medicine first and foremost teaches people to take care of their own health by moving regularly and practicing meditation next to a healthy diet. However, when it comes to health, we also need the help of other people, and either acupuncture or massage can be good ways to give support to each other when we are not feeling well.

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